Product development

Easy to apply. Excellent coverage. Homogeneous. Dry quickly. Moisture regulating. Environmentally friendly. Sustainable. Of consistent quality. Affordably priced …

Not a complete, but a real list of requirements that a contemporary coating must meet. Certainly when you use it professionally. We meet these and other user requirements. Not least thanks to the efforts of our Research & Development (R&D) department: the pivot of Nelf.

R&D ensures that you can have the best coatings not only today and tomorrow, but also in the future. That happens because we continuously invest in product development and product improvement and because our researchers and developers:

  • Monitor professional literature and market developments.
  • Anticipate new markets, needs, laws and regulations early.
  • Sample production on quality, color fastness, gloss, drying and viscosity.
  • Keep our technical advisors informed of new developments.
  • Support our people in the field with complex & technical issues and strive for the best results.