Nelf Marine paints

Your partner in ship paints since 1916.

The Dutch shipbuilding sector is characterized by high productivity and strong specialization. Few other industries have such extreme demands on the quality of paint. Weather, wind, water and intensive use require extremely resistant paint systems, for the protection of both steel and woodwork.

Nelf Marine Paints knows how to translate these requirements into quality products like no other. Nelf Marine Paints has been active in the field of shipbuilding (fishing and inland shipping), ship repairs and professional and pleasure craft for many years. The strong epoxy coatings, chlorinated rubber and vinyl paints on fishing boats and the durable and colourfast varnishes on many inland vessels have proven their strength and anti-rust quality for many years. Nelf Marine Paints delivers quality in the areas of corrosion resistance, chemical resistance, gloss, adhesion and wear resistance. But we also meet the highest requirements in terms of processing (coverage and flow) and maintenance.

In addition to qualitative paint, the company is characterized by personalized service. The technical advisers know the sector like no other and where necessary Nelf Marine Paints offers support to clients and processors with great pleasure.