Color ranges

Nelf has a number of its own color ranges.

Nelf Meesterlakken Collection
The Nelf Meesterlakken Collection range contains a color selection that fits the contemporary needs of the market. 154 colors that can be used in both the interior and the exterior. A selection of modern and authentic colors that together provide many exciting color combinations. The colors from the Nelf Meesterlakken Collection are perfectly applicable in modern and historical heritage. Then choose a finish with the Nelf Meesterlakken and you get a beautiful, sustainable end result. In short, the Nelf Meesterlakken Collection range is an indispensable color compass for painters, clients or architects in residential construction, new construction or monument care.

Nelf monument range
Many paint colors have a rich tradition and are therefore of historical value. A selection of these monumental colors is included in the “Monument Range 2010”. Sienna, Stand green, Dodekop purple and Brown umber are some of the imaginative colors from the Monument Range 2010. In total, the range contains around 60 authentic colors, the first 40 of which can be found mainly on the exterior of historic and monumental buildings . The last 20 colors are matching colors for the interior of these buildings. All colors are available in the Meesterlakken van Nelf. With the Monumentenwaaier 2010, a painter, client or architect has a very complete range of colors in hand for maintaining historical heritage but also for contemporary paintwork on buildings and homes.

Nelf RAL Collection
RAL is a recognized and widely used color system in various markets from industry and construction to services. The Nelf RAL Collection contains a selection of commonly used RAL colors. From RAL 9001 and 9010, the most used off-white, to RAL 3031 and RAL 9007.

To order
All impellers are available through the official Nelf dealers. If they do not have a range, they can request it from us.